February 27, 2017

McD's airplane delivery:

The past two weeks have been amazing. We had zone conference with Elder and Sister Adern from the Seventy. I got to stay in Juneau for a few days. Transfers happened on Tuesday. I brought some McDonalds back to Petersburg for a member.

Sorry for not being able to email last week. I had to create a new password on my ipad two weeks ago. When I tried to unlock my ipad ten minutes later I realized I had completely forgotten what my new password was. Well... I spent nearly an hour trying over and over attemting to get into my ipad but unfortunately my ipad reset. Apparently if you try too many times all your information gets deleted. I was pretty butthurt about it but thankfully I was able to re-download all my photos.

Ever since then I've been struggling to fix my email app on my ipad. Fortunately I have an awesome ZL who was able to help set up my email.

Juneau was absolutely amazing! It was so cool flying there for zone conference. Elder Dunn and I as well as the Sitka elders were hosted by the Aukbay Elders in the Juneau trailer. The trailer was by far one of the coolest apartments in this mission. They don't even use half of the trailer it's so big. The best part is its fifteen feet away from the church.

Elder and Sister Adern of the seventy came and spoke to the missionaries at zone conference. It was incredible seeing Elder Adern teach. He would flip to scriptures left and right on any subject we were talking about. I've never seen someone know the scriptures so well. While in Juneau Elder and Sister Adern also spoke at a fireside and in sacrament meeting again the following day.

While in Juneau I got transfer calls. Obviously I stayed in Petersburg/Wrangell. My new companion is Elder Hawkins. He's super cool. He came from the Samoan ward in Anchorage. He grew up in Utah for a while. He actually went to Albion middle school for a year. After he graduated high school he moved to American Samoa. He's lived there the past few years before his mission. He speaks fluent Samoan and English. He's got this really cool accent. It's funny seeing people's facial expressions when they first hear him talk since he's a white Samoan.

Before I left for Juneau a member gave me around $70 for McDonalds. Whenever missionaries visit Juneau for zone conference he always gives the missionaries some cash and a list of food he wants. I got him some big macs, fillet-o-fish, cheeseburgers, etc. It was pretty funny buying all that food then flying it down to Petersburg. My bag kinda stinks now but it's all good. It was pretty disgusting seeing the McDonalds bags soaked with grease after the short flight.

Elder Ogden

The Juneau District 


February 20, 2017

No time to Write:

Sorry for doing this but I am unable to write a weekly email today. I am currently in Juneau and my email on my Ipad isn't working. I'll plan on a general email and personal email next week. I just don't want to spend all day in Juneau typing emails.

Elder Ogden

February 13, 2017

Crazy Juneau Trailer:

Not a lot happened this week. Next week should be awesome.

Like I said. Nothing new happened this week. It's pretty much just been the same stuff. Walking around trying to talk to people.

This week the entire Juneau zone will be in Juneau for Zone conference. Elder Dunn and I will be staying in THE Juneau Trailer with another companionship. The Juneau Trailer is pretty famous in the mission for all of the crazy things that's happened there. I've heard a lot of stories but now I'll actually be able to see it. We'll be staying there from Friday to Tuesday. It's going to be awesome. We're also going to have Elder Ardern from the Seventy come up.

Happy Valentines Day!

Elder Ogden

February 6, 2017

Virtual Zone Meeting:

This week was pretty fun. Last Monday the sun finally came out so Elder Dunn and I went on a hike. I had my first Zone meeting in Petersburg. We are slowly seeing a bit more progress with our investigators. We also did a lot of walking this week.

Last P day Elder Dunn and I took advantage of the sun coming out since it rains like crazy here. We decided to hike a trial called Ravens Roost. We heard there was a sweet cabin up top so we gave it a shot. It's only about 4 miles but we weren't able to finish it due to the snow. The hike was really awesome it started out in a thick forest. It felt like I was walking through a frozen Costa Rican trail. The trees were so thick. Everything had moss on it from the moisture. We couldn't see the trail most the time so we had to always be looking at the markers on the trees. Once we got out of the trees we tried hiking through the snow but that didn't work out too well. We kept falling in the snow with every footstep we took.

We had Zone meeting this week. It was super weird seeing how the Juneau zone conducts their meetings. It was super awesome having the Elders in Canada, the Elders on the various Islands, and the missionaries in Juneau all Skype each other. It was a lot different than having everyone in one room.

We we're able to go to dinner at an investigator's house this week. This was a huge step for us bc there hadn't been any contact with her for months. Hopefully we'll be able to start teaching her again bc she's the only other hope we have of teaching someone besides Judith.

Since there isn't a whole lot of work here in Petersburg and everyone has heard what the missionaries have to say ten times already Elder Dunn and I do a lot of walking. We pretty much walk around and small talk with people. Really all we can do is try to be friends with everyone and have small talk. 

Elder Ogden

    Ravens Roost Trail