March 19, 2018

P-Day Hike:

Super solid week out here in Palmer. I'm gonna have to make this email super short but just to give you an update. We put one of our investigators on date. We were super thrilled about her accepting to be baptized especially since it was the first lesson we had with her. The sad part is that her family is super Catholic. They heard about her decision and made her choose between the family and the Church. It's a big bummer because she believes 100% in the Book of Mormon. We're going to continue to work with her. Hopefully we can overcome the family issues.

We received word last night that one of our potential investigators wants to get baptized. She hasn't been able to take the lessons due to her being a foster child. Thankfully she talked to her legal guardian and received permission. We will start teaching her and plan the baptism asap.

The work is going great here. I'm loving my time in Palmer.

Here's some pics from a hike we climbed last pday:

March 13, 2018

The Law of the Harvest

Great week out here in Palmer. It's been a bit trippy being back in the same zone where I started my mission. I've been able to bump into a few ward members from my first area. I also got to see the Millers. They are converts from my first area. It was the best feeling in the world seeing them still active in the Church and serving in callings. I forgot to take a picture but I'll make sure to do so next time I see them.

We had zone conference and stake conference all in the same weekend. It was actually pretty chaotic having both the day after I got to the area but I'm super happy we had them early. The mission President has recently been emphasizing the Law of the Harvest. The Law of the Harvest is pretty much comparing the work a farmer puts into raising a full field of corn to missionary work. When harvest season comes around the farmer can expect a full field of corn. It's similar to missionary work, in the aspect of putting in all the things necessary to help investigators progress in the Gospel. Just as a farmer must fertilize, plow, plant seeds, provide water, etc. As missionaries we must tract, read the Book of Mormon with investigators, have daily contact, and so forth. All these things lead towards baptisms.

The work is awesome here in Palmer. I'm excited to be serving here. The ward members are super cool.

Have a great week.

Elder Ogden

February 26, 2018

Flood the Stake with B of M's

This week was absolutely incredible. Elder Birth and I have been able to find TWO elect investigators this week through tracting! We of course have followed up with them already. It's been awesome answering their questions and teachings short and simple gospel principles.

Kevin is one of them. He says he recently moved up here from Anchorage and has talked with missionaries in the past. He informed us on his beliefs. He comes from a Catholic background and attends church services there regularly. Even though he doesn't agree with everything the Catholic church teaches, he sees the imprtance of church so he attends there. He stated to us his desires of a great community, a stronger family, more truths from God, and to learn about our prophet. You can imagine how excited I was to tell him everything. From a strong community, to God revealing his word today. We kept the visit short. We informed him we would return again soon. He even wants to meet a member of our church. We hope to have a member come introduce themself next time we meet. This is so exciting!

Zone conference and Stake conference was this week. This week has seemed to be incredibly busy with meetings.

Elder Birth and I were invited to give a training to all the Bishops and Stake Presidency within the Stake. We invited them to continue to fulfill the stake vision. To flood the stake with the Book of Mormon. We talked about sharing and reading just one or a few verses with the people we give copies to. A lot of people can get scared by the B of M because of how many pages are in the book. The missionary department in SLC has been putting a huge emphasis on sharing and reading simple verses and chapters with nonmembers. We also talked a lot on following up and helping this vision not end with just handing out copies. It was awesome to see how the missionaries are working as one with the stake and ward members in fulfilling our purpose.

Every week seems to get better and better as well as faster and faster.

Elder Ogden

February 19, 2018

Knocking Doors is Pretty Fun:

Solid week up here in the AK.

We've been keeping busy with some tracting. A lot of the people we're teaching right now have been super busy. Some are on vacations. Others have been jam packed with working two jobs. So we've been able to meet some new people through our tracting efforts. I don't know why but once you get in the grove of knocking doors it actually becomes pretty fun. We certainly run into interesting people.

Daniel Haddox, our recent convert has been taking the new member lessons. He's nine years old and amazes me with how smart he is.

Elder Dunn, one of my previous companions, is now in our zone. It's been fun catching up with him and talking about good times when we served together in Petersburg a year ago. Crazy how fast time flies by.

Have a great day!

Elder Ogden

February 13, 2018

Moving Hay for Dogs:

Hey. This week was absolutely incredible. I don't have a whole lot of time so here's a quick update. 

The stake put on a talent show this past Saturday night. It was a great event for all the youth in the community. Members and nonmembers were there to participate and enjoy the show. All the missionaries in the zone were ushers. Great way to meet new people.

We've been taking advantage of the warm weather recently by spending as much time going door to door. We've been able to see some great success through our most recent tracting efforts.

All of the missionaries in the zone and all of the missionaries from the language zone helped with service this past week. We spent most of Thursday unloading and moving hay for the upcoming Iditarod. This was my first time helping out with the Iditarod. It's really neat to see how everyone in the community comes together for the love of dog sled racing.

Anyways that all from me. I hope you all have a great week.

February 6, 2018

Broom sticks are perfectly Balanced:

Solid week out here in Bear Mountain. Elder Birth and I have been busy with meeting new people and continuing to work with the investigators we currently have.

MLC was this past week. All the zone leaders serving outside of Anchorage get to spend the night at the mission home the night before the meeting. It's always fun seeing and catching up with some friends. It's pretty wild how serving in Alaska you never get to meet some missionaries or see friends for months. Some missionaries literally travel a few hundred miles to come particpate in meetings. MLC was inspiring as always.

As a zone we got together and tracted in an area on Saturday Morning. I always love doing these big tracting sessions. It's cool to have a bunch of missionaries come into an area and knock out a neighborhood.

Elder Birth blew my mind this past week. He showed me how most all broom sticks are perfectly balanced. I didn't believe him at first but then he showed me and I couldn't deny it. Maybe some of you already know about that but I didn't so I of course had to take a pic.

 Have a great week.

Elder Ogden


You always have your eyes peeled serving in Alaska. Moose can sneak up on ya at any time especially when you walk around a corner to knock on someone's door.

January 29, 2018

Forbidden "Mormon" Jobs??

A great first week of the transfer. Elder Birth is now my offical compaion. We've been keeping busy with part member and over age youth in the ward. Zane continues to amaze me every time we meet with him. Regional stake conference was this past Sunday.

On Wednesday I picked up Elder Birth, my new companion. He's a stud. We came out into the mission together so it's been fun catching up with him. He's from Salt Lake City and was in choir and theatre in high school. We dropped Elder Hunter off at the temple on Wednesday. It's been cool to kill two missionaries in a row. I get to see what it's like finishing a mission and learning from two great guys who know a lot about success.

Recently the mission has been working a lot with part member families and children over the age of eight who have not been baptized. It's kept us missionaries busy with stop bys. Its been cool to see the success from visiting these families. We're starting to teach a few little kids through these efforts. Hopefully we'll see some baptisms soon.

We had another outstanding lesson with Zane. We originally planned on sharing a formal first lesson with him but that changes as he came prepared with a list of questions. We spent a good two and a half hours just answering sincere questions he had written down in His notebook. There was a variety of questions from why do bad things happen to good people and are there any jobs a Mormon is not allowed to have. It's was a thrilling exercise answering those questions.

 Regional stake conference was on Sunday. We traveled to Anchorage to watch the broadcast. It was great hearing from Elder Christofferson and other general authorities.

 Have a great week

Saying goodbye to Elder Hunter

New companion: Elder Birth

Outlook over Eagle Ridge Valley