September 18, 2017

Facebook is coming to AK:

This week was super busy. We drove to Fairbanks and back for exchanges. We then drove to and from Fbx again for a special Zone Conference with Elder Foster of the Seventy. We also received transfer calls this week. One of our investigators has committed to baptism!

At the beginning of the week. Elder Johnson and I enjoyed spending P-day with the missionaries in Fairbanks. The next day we went on exchanges. I was able to come back to Delta with Elder Brown. It was super fun serving with him for those splits. Last time we served around each other was when I was in Fishhook (my first area). After splits we had to drive back to Fbx for a special meeting with Elder Foster of the Seventy.

Elder Foster gave an amazing training. He really helped the mission see how we can do more effective missionary work with members involved. Something really crazy and out of this world was that he believes the mission can be getting 100 baptisms a month if all the members and missionaries work together. The most I've ever seen is 35 so it looks like we're going to have to step up our game. Thankfully our mission president announced that the mission will be receiving Facebook. Now we will be able to proselytize online. I'm super stoked for Facebook simply because missionaries can go door to door sharing the gospel but it takes so long to talk to just 50 people. With online proselytizing a missionary or anyone can post some spiritual message they like and it's viewed by hundreds of people within seconds.

Elder Johnson and I will be staying another transfer here in Delta Junction. I'm super pumped bc I love this place like crazy. The people here are just amazing. I'm also stoked because our investigator, Andy, has committed to being baptized next month. It's so amazing seeing someone make this huge step in their life. He's going to be an amazing member.

I hope everyone has a solid week!

September 11, 2017

RIP Moose

Last week I saw a moose run into a vehicle. This week I unfortunately saw the aftermath of a vehicle hitting a moose. This week Elder Johnson and I were able to help a couple of investigators with service. We also were able to teach them one last lesson before they moved. The transfer continues to be full of hard work knocking door to door.

Elder Johnson and I saw another moose this week. No surprise since we see a handful a week. The thing that set this guy apart from the rest was that we found him lying on the side of the road. The poor moose was hit by a vehicle. I hope whoever was driving is safe because moose road kill is a serious thing in Alaska.

We are always getting told as we leave members homes to watch out for moose. It seems to be a way more dangerous hazard than drunk driving. So be safe when around moose and keep an eye out for them if you visit Alaska. We were able to have a nice switch up of things this week. We helped a couple of investigators with service. It was awesome spending some time serving them. The sad thing is that we helped them move. It seems to be the teaching pool gets smaller and smaller the more diligent work elder Johnson and I do. You would think that the more we work and the harder we try to be diligent, the work would improve but it appears to be the opposite. Hopefully as we continue to do our best the work will improve.

There has been a lot of tender mercies in my life right now. Since we have tracked the entire area, it is a blessing when we run into someone new. I'm excited for the coming week as Elder Foster of the Seventy will be visiting the mission. I will drive back and forth from Delta and Fairbanks for four days in a row due to exchanges and the special meeting. Wish us luck so we don't hit any moose.

 Have a great week.

September 4, 2017

Watch out for charging Moose:

This week was pretty cool. Elder Johnson and I were able to travel to Fairbanks at the beginning of the week. We also went on exchanges. We are always on the search for a new street to tract. Thankfully some people have been calling asking for help with service.

Fairbanks was fun as always. It was really good getting up there and playing some spike ball with the zone. It's a lot better than just me and Elder Johnson playing each other. Haha. We also went on exchanges. I was able to come back to Delta for the splits. We spent a good chunk of time driving around searching for streets to tract. It's been difficult since Elder Johnson and I have tracted pretty much all of Delta. Thankfully we found a golden street with ten houses on it. Haha. We're at the point where if a street has two or three houses on it, we have to jump on it quick.

Thankfully some members and nonmembers have been calling us up asking for an extra hand with things. We were able to help move a massive chicken coupe, cut down some trees, move a family, and load a semi truck full of hay.

Funny thing happened this week. While we were driving on the freeway. A semi truck was driving in the other lane towards us. Right as the semi got near us and we were about to pass by each other a moose comes sprinting out of the woods and runs straight into to semi. Thankfully the moose was the one hitting the semi. It was funny to see the moose run around in the road all dazed and confused after ramming into this truck. Who knows what happened to the Moose. He ran back into the woods. 

Have a great week.

August 28, 2017

All Tracted Out:
Hello. Hello.

This week was super solid. We got to drive to Tok. We had some really good lessons. We have tracted all of Delta.

Tok was really cool and fun. We were able to do a lot of finding for the couple of days.

What do you do once you've tracted your area and you still have a couple weeks left in the transfer? That's the question Elder Johnson and I are currently asking ourselves. Hopefully we can find some more streets that we just happened to miss. Wish us luck!

Sorry for the short email. We're currently in Fbx.


August 21, 2017

Winter's coming to Delta:

Hello everyone. Fall has come! Zoned conference was this past week. The work moves forward with hours upon hours of tracting.

The leaves are changing colors fast. Some of the leaves have already begun to fall off the trees. It's always scary seeing the leaves turn color in Alaska. Alaskans says that fall is only three weeks long before winter comes. It's been feeling like fall will only be here for the next little while. Some of the mountains surrounding Delta Junction have already received snow. It's scary thinking about how fast winter comes.

We had Zone Conference and interviews. It's always fun being able to travel up to Fairbanks and see everyone. We had a really good Zone Conference with a lot of motivating training.

The work here in Delta has been dying down unfortunately. But on the bright side, with less people to teach means more hours for tracting. Haha. It's been a really good learning experience serving in Delta right now. I've come to work my hardest and rely on the Lord in everything.

This coming week Elder Johnson and I will be driving a couple of hours to Tok to spend a few days doing missionary work. Wish us luck.

Have a great week.

August 14, 2017

Greenies like to Tract:

Hello. Hello. This week was really fun. Half of the week was spent with logistics. The other half was spent working hard in Delta Junction with my new comp Elder Johnson.

The first half of the week was pretty relaxed and chill. I was hosted in Fairbanks for a night. I got to spend P-day with the missionaries up there. I loved seeing and being hosted by some good friends. I also flew down to Anchorage then spent the night there with some other awesome missionaries. On Wednesday all of the new missionaries met their companions. My new companion is Elder Johnson. He's from St. George. He's a super hard worker. Over all he's just a stud missionary. I've really enjoyed working with him.

Ever since we've gotten back to Delta. We've just been putting in the work. I've been loving every second of it. Even though it's a small community we've been tracting like crazy. All day everyday. I've actually come to enjoy tracting quite a bit. Wish us luck as we continue to tract out Delta!

Have a great week

August 7, 2017

Hiking's not for everyone:

Hello. Hello. This week went by really quick. Last Monday Elder Havenar and I had quite the experience attempting to hike a hill. We received transfer calls from President Toone. Elder Havenar is going home in a few days. I will be picking up a greenie missionary in Anchorage.

Last monday was pretty exhausting as Elder Havenar and I hiked this hill called Donelly Dome. We've been talking to a lot of members about the hike for the past few weeks and finally decided to do it. We were told it would only take and hour and a half. It ended up taking five hours. Ahh. I had a good time though. I don't know about my comp on the other hand.

We've been taking it easy this week with Elder Havenar injuring himself on the hike. He was told to stay off his legs for a few days. It's a good thing we have a car to drive instead of biking everywhere. 

Transfer calls came. I will be training a new missionary. I'm really excited to have some greenie fire in my mission again. My logistics are pretty crazy. I will be in Fairbanks for today and tomorrow. I then spend a night in Anchorage and pick up my comp then fly back to Fairbanks. We will then do all our picking up the car, shopping, etc then take the long drive back to Delta on Wednesday night.

Elder Ogden