December 12, 2017

Christmas Surprise: Letter from Bennett

Hello!  The past few weeks have been amazing. There's been a lot of stuff happening. Our investigators have all been hitting a bit of a rough patch right now in life. The mission has received smart phones. Transfer calls are in.

Elder Barney and I have been teaching two individuals plus a part member family. It's been amazing to see all of them progress so well these past few weeks. We were hoping for them all to be baptized this month but due to some events it's looking like only one will be baptized this month. Thankfully the rest are looking forward to January. One is waiting for approval from the first presidency. The others are working through some difficulties as well as concerns. Over all it's been a real testimony builder to see that no matter what challenges, questions, or conerns you may have in life, the gospel of Jesus Christ can fix everything.

The mission received phones on Wednesday. It certainly was a blessing for me because my iPad is currently broken. I didn't realize how helpful technology was in missionary work until I went without it. Technology certainly is an amazing tool.

Transfer calls are in! Elder Barney will be going home to spend Christmas with his family. I'll certainly miss serving with him. My new comps are Elder Olsen and Elder Hunter. I'll be in a trio for a little while due to Elder Olsen going home in three weeks. Once he's home Elder Hunter and I will be comps as usual. It's going to be fun serving with these two. I'm excited to continue to serve in the Bear Mountain Ward.

Here's some pictures of Elder Barney and I as well as some friends in the Mish:

          Muktuk is a native dish. 
          It is rubbery whale blubber. 
          Probably the grosses thing I've ever eaten.

December 4, 2017

All I want for Christmas is a letter from Bennett! 

Sorry once again for not sending a general email and some pics. On Wednesday the missionaries in MLC will be receiving smart phones for each area. My mission president has really encouraged me to simply wait for the phones to get here so I don't just waste money. If it's possible I may just buy my own because they're going to be half the cost for missionaries. So next week I'm planning on getting caught up on emails.

Here's what went on this week. Elder Barney and I went on exchanges with the APs. Wednesday we had a meeting with the mission President followed by another meeting with the mission President and the Stake President. We've been teaching a lot. One of our investigators should be getting baptized on the 9th.

I'm excited to speak to you guys on Christmas.

Love and miss you

November 28, 2017

Waiting for a Smart Phone:

So the deal with my iPad is that it's still broken. I talked to my mission President to see if I should repair it or buy a new tablet. He told me to just wait because the mission will be receiving smart phones soon. He didn't tell me when I'll be receiving one but he said soon. I'm assuming when I go to MLC they will hand out smart phones to each companionship.

Sorry for doing this but I'm no going to be writing my general emails until I get the phone. It's just really hard right now to write a huge email about everything and not have any pictures. I should be back to writing emails as normal, not this coming Monday but the one after that.

 Love and miss you,

Elder Ogden

November 20, 2017

Broken iPad

I unfortunately will not be writing a weekly email today. I also won't be responding to a lot of emails bc I accidentally broke my iPad screen yesterday. I'm using a computer at a members house right now so I don't have a lot of time. I also can't figure out how to send my photos using the ipad to computer. 

I'll be in Anchorage today seeing how I can get my ipad screen fixed so I can get back to the usual stuff. I don't know how much it will cost to replace the screen, hopefully not too much. I'll keep you updated on how things go. Hopefully I'll have a working tablet in a week or two.

Other than me breaking my ipad on accident, this week was amazing. Three people committed to being baptized in December. We're working a lot with our investigators. I'm excited for the month of December. It's going to be a white Christmas.

Love and miss you.

Elder Ogden

Pictures from Bennett's FB page that read: "The Book of Mormon is the Express Way to Happiness!"


November 13, 2017

Online Proselytizing:

This week was awesome. The mission has received Facebook. Daniel was baptized. There were a lot of nonmembers at church.

Just this week the Alaska Anchorage mission received online proselytizing. We are able to use Facebook for finding and teaching. Elder Barney and I have already had amazing experiences using this tool to help our investigators progress. We’ve taught a lesson over video chat, we’ve sent links and general conference talks to answer questions, we also talked to some new people through social media. I’m really pumped to use this great tool.

Daniel was baptized and confirmed a member this week. The baptism was amazing. Daniel is an outstanding young man. I’m glad I got to teach him some of the lessons and witness this great moment.

Sacrament meeting was awesome! The primary performed their program. There was around ten nonmembers at church. It was incredible to see so many people interested in seeing what church services is all about.

Helping a member move hay & Daniels Baptism

November 6, 2017

Bear Mountain Ward:

This past week was amazing. Elder Barney is officially my new comp. The Bear Mountain Ward is amazing. The work here is moving forward steadily.

I officially am now in Chugiak serving with Elder Barney. The seven hour drive from Delta Junction to Anchorage was absolutely beautiful.  I’ve never seen anything more majestic in my life. It’s something words can’t describe.

The Bear Mountain Ward members are all studs. They all are super cool. I’m excited to be serving with them. The work is amazing right now in Bear Mountain. We have a baptism coming up this week. We are also working with three other solid investigators who are looking forward to baptisms soon. I’m so pumped to teach and work with them all.

Sorry for the short email. I’ll tell you more about the area and things once I’ve officially settled in.

Have a great week

October 30, 2017

Closing Delta Junction:

Transfer calls are in!

With the upcoming transfers Elder Johnson and I will both be leaving Delta Junction. Delta Junction is actually going to be closed for a little while. President Toone has told us that there simply isn’t enough missionaries in the mission at the current moment. Hopefully we get more missionaries soon. It was sad telling all the members of the close but thankfully they are all awesome and will continue to do missionary work.

With the transfer Elder Johnson will be moving to Kalifornsky Beach. I will be moving to Chugiak. I’ll be serving in the Bear Mountain Ward with Elder Barney as Zone Leader.  I am out of this world thrilled to serve with Elder Barney.  I would say we served around each other while I was in Petersburg but I was on my own island while he was in Canada. We saw each other for a couple days but never got to fully know each other. Anyways I’m super pumped to serve with him because he’s a good friend.

We’ve been busy getting the area ready to be closed. Hopefully we’ll be able to accomplish everything we need to. Tomorrow Elder Johnson and I will pack up everything and drive the six hours to anchorage. Wish us luck on the icy roads.

Have a great week.