January 16, 2018

Amazing Chapel Tours:

This week I was able to go tracting on Alma street. We are currently teaching the most elect person ever! Elder Hunter and I have talked in sacrament meeting on missionary work.

This week I was in the Eagle River area. We did a lot of stop bys and a good amount of tracting. We even made it over to track Alma street. That was super cool. It was a really good experience serving with those Elders for a while. I've been really impressed to see all the new missionaries coming into the field recently. They are all studs. It feels like the missionaries and the mission just keep getting better and better as time move on.

A few weeks ago we tracted into a man named Zane. It was incredible being able to teach and testify of the Book of Mormon on his doorstep. A week later we gave him a chapel tour. In that chapel tour he felt the spirit so strong he even began to talk to his friends about the church. Then this past Saturday he brought his friend Robert to do a chapel tour. Not only was that amazing but throughout the entire tour they were both thrilled to hear the answers we gave to their questions. They even wrote down on paper all the principles we taught. Of course we invited them to church. As Zane attended church services he had his Book of Mormon in one hand and a paper with pen in the other. He took note of all the inspiring words he heard during church. It was motivating to me to witness a sincere truth seeker feel of the spirit. It was inspiring to see how much he treasures the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Elder Hunter and I spoke in church. It was really good to see how much Zane cherished the words spoken in church. I know I'm guilty of sometimes thinking about the upcoming week instead of having my mind focused on the talks. Seeing investigators come to church has taught me a great lesson on absorbing all the information the spirit is teaching through the speakers.

Transfer calls are this week. I'll let you know who my next companion is. It will be a bummer to say goodbye to Elder Hunter but he's served an honorable full time mission.

Have a great week,
Elder Ogden

A pic from MLC last week

The fisheye pics 
come from a sweet 
attachment my 
family sent me!

January 9, 2018

"Thrilling to be a Missionary"

Stellar week here in the AAM. The week flew by as it was jam packed with Zone Conference, MLC, and exchanges. We've found some new investigaotrs through tracting. We're hoping to start teaching two people up in Kotzebue.

Zone Conference and MLC was really inspiring. Right now as a mission we've been doing a lot of finding. It's been really good to see the push for finding more investigators. It can get really rough in the cold, dark winter days. As we've been following up with people we come across, our investigator pool has increased. We tracted into this one guy about a week ago. He is incredibly elect. We gave him a chapel tour. When he showed up to the tour he brought a pen, notebook, and the Book of Mormon we gave him. He asked all sorts of sincere questions. He's excited to meet with us again and even wants to come to church. I'm thinking he's going to get baptized soon. If it happens this will be the first person I baptize from tracting. Fingers crossed.

The week was busy with running back and forth between stop bys and lessons. It's thrilling to be a missionary right now. The work is only getting better and better each day.

Elder Ogden


 Here's some pics from doing service at a little ranch

January 2, 2018

Teal Loop Miracle:

An amazing way to end the year of 2017. The week was full of exchanges. I was able to see some incredible finding miracles. The work is only getting more exciting and thrilling as I get more into the mission.

This past week has been a bit hectic. Elder Hunter and I have been on exchanges for more than half of the week. It's been insane trying to figure things out. Even though we're companions it seems like were only together for just a few days. Sad thing is that it's going to stay like this for the rest of the transfer. It's been fun getting to know other Elders and seeing how we can all learn from each other. 

Here's a cool miracles story. When Elder Barney, my previous comp, was here we felt inspired to tract a road called Teal Loop. Well being too busy we simply forgot about Teal Loop and just continued on with the work we already had. It's been about six weeks since we put that street up on the board. While in the post office I overheard a man state that he lived on Teal Loop. Remembering that we needed to tract that street. We took it as a sign from God.

On Wednesday we finally were able to tract Teal Loop. With it being completely dark and no one answering I began to get discouraged but we pressed on, believing there was someone on the street that was ready for the gospel. Literally the last door we knocked on was the only person who talked to us. This man informed us that with the new year he's going to be going to a different church each week. We taught the restoration, gave him a BoM, set up another time to go back, and he wants to come to church. How amazing! It was incredible to see that sometimes it's after all you can do, you witness the miracle.

The next week is going to be great. We have zone conference, MLC, then exchanges for the rest of the week. Have a great new year!

Here's pic of exchanges. Members had this funny game we played.

December 27, 2017

"Becoming Yogi with Christ"

Hello hello. An amazing week here in the AAM. We were able to do a lot of finding and teaching. We saw some pretty awesome miracles. Christmas was a hoot and a holler.

We're still working with Andre. He's doing amazing. We currently just waiting for the green light on his baptism. We taught him the ten commandments with all the cool hand signs. We are still continuing to teach Daniel and Gwen the new member lessons. It's been fun teaching all these guys and all the other people we're currently working with.

This week we went tracting in the northernmost part of our area. I've only been there just a few times. While tracting we met a dude who was super open with us and actually invited us into his home. This guy was a big time hippie. He loved yoga, nature, animals, and of course his marijuana. We talked for a long time about his beliefs. It was cool to hear. He believes mostly in Christ-conscience. Basically you need to become one with Christ's thinking. Or in His words "become yogi with christ". The best way to achieve this is through meditation and yoga. He invited us over this week to meditate with him. Hopefully I'll become more yogi with Christ through the experience. I'm excited to talk to him because he promised to read the introduction of the BoM. I'll keep you updated on what he thinks about our message.

Christmas was awesome! Calling the family was the best. The presents from them were super gnarly. My companion and I repped these cool socks all day. The onesie unfortunately could only be worn just before sleep.

We participated in an awesome nativity with some cool members. It was fun being able to do that Christmas Eve. We had a fun time. Me, my comp, and a priest in the ward were the three wise men.

The nativity

     Our awesome socks and Hogwarts slippers                            Harry potter onesies

December 18, 2017

Knocking doors under Northern Lights:

Hello. A great start to the transfer. The light the world campaign has been amazing to participate in. Looks like were going to be having a warm winter this year.

Elder Hunter and I have had a great week. Elder Hunter previously spent six months in the bear mountain ward. It's been amazing to hear how far the work has come since the last year. The mission as a whole has been on an upward swing with finding, teaching, and baptizing. It can be extremely hard at times with it always being dark in Alaska. Thankfully we have the northern lights to brighten the sky. Jkjk. But It has been cool to see the lights dancing in the sky while knocking doors before we head in.

 “Forgive men their trespasses.”—Matthew 6:14 is the scripture for today's light the world. The other day we were able to donate some old clothes to the nearest salvation army. It felt amazing being able to follow the example of Jesus Christ.

Christmas is just around the corner! Unfortunately as well as thankfully this winter has been really warm. It's been in the 20s most of the time. It's made life a lot easier as a missionary when you can actually go out and knock on some doors without getting frost bite.

 I wish you all a merry Christmas. It's the best time of the year!

 Elder Ogden

December 12, 2017

Christmas Surprise: Letter from Bennett

Hello!  The past few weeks have been amazing. There's been a lot of stuff happening. Our investigators have all been hitting a bit of a rough patch right now in life. The mission has received smart phones. Transfer calls are in.

Elder Barney and I have been teaching two individuals plus a part member family. It's been amazing to see all of them progress so well these past few weeks. We were hoping for them all to be baptized this month but due to some events it's looking like only one will be baptized this month. Thankfully the rest are looking forward to January. One is waiting for approval from the first presidency. The others are working through some difficulties as well as concerns. Over all it's been a real testimony builder to see that no matter what challenges, questions, or conerns you may have in life, the gospel of Jesus Christ can fix everything.

The mission received phones on Wednesday. It certainly was a blessing for me because my iPad is currently broken. I didn't realize how helpful technology was in missionary work until I went without it. Technology certainly is an amazing tool.

Transfer calls are in! Elder Barney will be going home to spend Christmas with his family. I'll certainly miss serving with him. My new comps are Elder Olsen and Elder Hunter. I'll be in a trio for a little while due to Elder Olsen going home in three weeks. Once he's home Elder Hunter and I will be comps as usual. It's going to be fun serving with these two. I'm excited to continue to serve in the Bear Mountain Ward.

Here's some pictures of Elder Barney and I as well as some friends in the Mish:

          Muktuk is a native dish. 
          It is rubbery whale blubber. 
          Probably the grosses thing I've ever eaten.

December 4, 2017

All I want for Christmas is a letter from Bennett! 

Sorry once again for not sending a general email and some pics. On Wednesday the missionaries in MLC will be receiving smart phones for each area. My mission president has really encouraged me to simply wait for the phones to get here so I don't just waste money. If it's possible I may just buy my own because they're going to be half the cost for missionaries. So next week I'm planning on getting caught up on emails.

Here's what went on this week. Elder Barney and I went on exchanges with the APs. Wednesday we had a meeting with the mission President followed by another meeting with the mission President and the Stake President. We've been teaching a lot. One of our investigators should be getting baptized on the 9th.

I'm excited to speak to you guys on Christmas.

Love and miss you