October 16, 2017

Andrew's Baptism:

What a week! I spent the first two days of the week in Salcha. Elder Johnson and I spent two days in Tok. We’ve continued helping people with wood projects. The best part of the week was seeing Andy enter the waters of baptism.

The first part of the week I was able to be on exchanges up in Salcha. The Salcha Elders also cover the Elison Air Force Base. It was really neat being able to serve there for a couple days.

After I got back from Salcha, Elder Johnson and I drove down to Tok. We were able to spend the night there. There’s an awesome family in Tok who always hosts the missionaries when they’re down there. We were finally able to contact with a referral we received a couple weeks ago. The reason why we weren’t able to contact the referral sooner is because he lived 150 miles away from us. I’m so grateful we have vehicles in nearly every area in Alaska. Missionary work would be extremely difficult if we only had bikes.

Highlight of the week was without a doubt seeing Andrew Pfeiffer baptized. It’s incredible to witness the change that takes place in investigators lives. Missionary work has been extremely difficult here in Delta Junction. It’s amazing to be able to see one person enter the waters of baptism. 

Have a great week.

October 9, 2017

Russian Tongues:

This week was full of amazing experiences. We were able to find some service opportunities for nonmembers. The family was actually Russian so only the kids spoke English. It was all good as there was 13 kids in the family. We chopped wood with them and were able to talk to them about the gospel. It was one of the best feelings as the kids asked questions about god and the church. They asked questions such as why are there so many churches today? What is the Holy Ghost? Etc. It was a testimony builder to have the true answers to the sincere questions they had.

The spooky part was once the mom saw us and recognized us as LDS missionaries she freaked out and started getting mad at the kids. I had no idea what she was saying because it was all in Russian. It was sad to see that the mom would not allow her kids to hear what we had to share about the Book of Mormon. The mom believed in speaking in tongues so when we offered the prayer she huddled around us and started whispering a bunch of jibber jabber. It truly was spooky.

We’ve been able to help a lot with service. We helped around the farms.

We also have been meeting with Andy a lot as we prepare for his baptism coming up this week. It will be exciting to see him as a new man.

Have a good week. Till next time.

Here is a cool tower at a farm we did service for. You climb the rope to get to the top

October 2, 2017

Northern Lights are Out:

Another week full of chopping wood and giving service. As everyone in Delta prepares for winter we've continued our efforts of service tracting. We've been able to help a lot of wonderful people by service. It's actually been really effective because everyone here already knows who we are.

General conference was awesome. I really enjoyed Elder Oaks talk on the family. I thought Elder Stevenson did fantastic on his talk of the solar eclipse. Elder Hallstrom did great. Elder Callister gave an outstanding talk on the Book of Mormon.

Andy has been progressing well. We've been meeting with him a lot recently as we've been teaching him all that he needs to know before baptism.

It's that time of year again. The northern lights are out and about. The past few days have been full of beautiful lights. It's been incredible as Elder Johnson and I literally do missionary work at night under the northern lights. It's the most incredible thing I've ever seen. The other day there was a bright green stream stretching across the entire sky with other small lights dancing around. It's certainly something words can't describe. Nor can a camera on an iPad capture the beauty.

 Have a great week.

September 25, 2017

Wood Centered Week:

Another week in heaven. It seems to be that Elder Johnson and I have been in service clothes all week. We've moved apartments. We've helped some members with service. We've continued our tracting. Our investigator Andy continues to prepare for baptism.

This past week. We moved apartments. It's been nice in the new apartment because now Elder Johnson and I can workout in the mornings. The old apartment didn't have enough room for our morning exercise so we drove to the church to use the gym everyday. It was kind of a pain. But it's all better now thanks to our upgrade in apartment space.

We've been doing a lot of service this time of year. As the snow creeps down the mountains around Delta Junction everyone is squirreling to prepare for winter. We've been doing all sorts of projects such as moving wood, chopping wood, moving chopped wood, and stacking chopped wood. As you can tell it's all been centered on wood and preparing for the cold winter days ahead.

Our investigator Andy is progressing really well. He's started to become more serous about church and the gospel. Instead of showing up in his usual everyday attire he came to church dressed up really nice. Ever since he's decided to be baptized he's actually been trying to be the best possible person he can be in the gospel. I love seeing how the teachings of Jesus Christ transform people's life's. It's amazing to see investigators go through the transforming process. I've come to realize the gospel can only make a person better than he or she truly is but it's up to the individual to accept the change. 

Have a fantastic week. Enjoy general conference!

Elder Ogden

September 18, 2017

Facebook is coming to AK:

This week was super busy. We drove to Fairbanks and back for exchanges. We then drove to and from Fbx again for a special Zone Conference with Elder Foster of the Seventy. We also received transfer calls this week. One of our investigators has committed to baptism!

At the beginning of the week. Elder Johnson and I enjoyed spending P-day with the missionaries in Fairbanks. The next day we went on exchanges. I was able to come back to Delta with Elder Brown. It was super fun serving with him for those splits. Last time we served around each other was when I was in Fishhook (my first area). After splits we had to drive back to Fbx for a special meeting with Elder Foster of the Seventy.

Elder Foster gave an amazing training. He really helped the mission see how we can do more effective missionary work with members involved. Something really crazy and out of this world was that he believes the mission can be getting 100 baptisms a month if all the members and missionaries work together. The most I've ever seen is 35 so it looks like we're going to have to step up our game. Thankfully our mission president announced that the mission will be receiving Facebook. Now we will be able to proselytize online. I'm super stoked for Facebook simply because missionaries can go door to door sharing the gospel but it takes so long to talk to just 50 people. With online proselytizing a missionary or anyone can post some spiritual message they like and it's viewed by hundreds of people within seconds.

Elder Johnson and I will be staying another transfer here in Delta Junction. I'm super pumped bc I love this place like crazy. The people here are just amazing. I'm also stoked because our investigator, Andy, has committed to being baptized next month. It's so amazing seeing someone make this huge step in their life. He's going to be an amazing member.

I hope everyone has a solid week!

September 11, 2017

RIP Moose

Last week I saw a moose run into a vehicle. This week I unfortunately saw the aftermath of a vehicle hitting a moose. This week Elder Johnson and I were able to help a couple of investigators with service. We also were able to teach them one last lesson before they moved. The transfer continues to be full of hard work knocking door to door.

Elder Johnson and I saw another moose this week. No surprise since we see a handful a week. The thing that set this guy apart from the rest was that we found him lying on the side of the road. The poor moose was hit by a vehicle. I hope whoever was driving is safe because moose road kill is a serious thing in Alaska.

We are always getting told as we leave members homes to watch out for moose. It seems to be a way more dangerous hazard than drunk driving. So be safe when around moose and keep an eye out for them if you visit Alaska. We were able to have a nice switch up of things this week. We helped a couple of investigators with service. It was awesome spending some time serving them. The sad thing is that we helped them move. It seems to be the teaching pool gets smaller and smaller the more diligent work elder Johnson and I do. You would think that the more we work and the harder we try to be diligent, the work would improve but it appears to be the opposite. Hopefully as we continue to do our best the work will improve.

There has been a lot of tender mercies in my life right now. Since we have tracked the entire area, it is a blessing when we run into someone new. I'm excited for the coming week as Elder Foster of the Seventy will be visiting the mission. I will drive back and forth from Delta and Fairbanks for four days in a row due to exchanges and the special meeting. Wish us luck so we don't hit any moose.

 Have a great week.

September 4, 2017

Watch out for charging Moose:

This week was pretty cool. Elder Johnson and I were able to travel to Fairbanks at the beginning of the week. We also went on exchanges. We are always on the search for a new street to tract. Thankfully some people have been calling asking for help with service.

Fairbanks was fun as always. It was really good getting up there and playing some spike ball with the zone. It's a lot better than just me and Elder Johnson playing each other. Haha. We also went on exchanges. I was able to come back to Delta for the splits. We spent a good chunk of time driving around searching for streets to tract. It's been difficult since Elder Johnson and I have tracted pretty much all of Delta. Thankfully we found a golden street with ten houses on it. Haha. We're at the point where if a street has two or three houses on it, we have to jump on it quick.

Thankfully some members and nonmembers have been calling us up asking for an extra hand with things. We were able to help move a massive chicken coupe, cut down some trees, move a family, and load a semi truck full of hay.

Funny thing happened this week. While we were driving on the freeway. A semi truck was driving in the other lane towards us. Right as the semi got near us and we were about to pass by each other a moose comes sprinting out of the woods and runs straight into to semi. Thankfully the moose was the one hitting the semi. It was funny to see the moose run around in the road all dazed and confused after ramming into this truck. Who knows what happened to the Moose. He ran back into the woods. 

Have a great week.