May 22, 2017

Famous AVA Boyz:

This past week has been awesome as always here in the Dimond Ward. Last Monday Elder Vaioa and I tagged along with some other missionaries on their visit to Girdwood. I got to meet the famous AVA Boyz. It's the start of a new transfer so Elder vaioa and I are super excited to work hard and give it our all.

On P-Day Elder vaioa and I joined the Tikishla Park ward and Maplewood branch (Samoan and Spanish elders) on their journey out to Girdwood. It was a fun little drive. It was a drop dead gorgeous view and the weather made it even better. Girdwood is a little ski resort near Anchorage. We got to check out the shops, visit some neat places, and throw the rugby around abit.

Later that night Elder Vaioa and I had dinner with this super cool family. The best part is that their sons are music artists. The music group is called AVA Boyz. You should definitely check out some of their stuff. Apparently they're famous in Samoa. I obviously didn't know about them before the mission because I didn't listen to Samoan music. After hearing their songs I'm definitely a fan.

The other day Elder Vaioa and I were driving around visiting people and as always we get stopped at a red light right next to some homeless guy. Of course we gave him some change but we both felt like it wasn't that amazing gift of a contribution. So we came up the idea to give hand made snack bags. We put together some of our extra food from our apartment. We've been handing them out to the needy and it's been awesome seeing their countenance glow.

I'm excited to be starting this next transfer with Elder Vaioa. He's an awesome missionary. We've decided to work extra hard this next transfer. It's funny because this past week has been super hard to have lessons and visits even with us trying harder. Though we had a rough start were still going to push on. Wish us luck.

Elder Ogden

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