November 7, 2016

No heat, no microwave, no fridge...
but he has Mormon Ads!

This week has been great. We had day-light savings two nights ago but it doesn't do very much up here. It seriously was so pointless. We still wake up and do studies in the dark and now it gets darker faster at night. It's hard staying out after dinner visiting people because it literally is pitch black when we get done with dinners.

The Iditarod is coming up so people have been getting out their dogs and training them. Near where I'm serving lives a five time Iditarod champion. Just the other night we saw him training. A lot of the roads in Alaska have dirt trails just along the side for atv's and what not. The other night we were driving home going about 50 mph. We looked to our right and saw this guy in a 4x4 getting pulled by sled team dogs. It was such a weird thing to see. The dogs all leave their mouths open when running so their tongues just hang loose. Apparently its really hard to raise those dogs because all they want to do all the time is run. It's the only thing they live for. Some members say they go up to Nome to watch the finish line. They say after the finish line the sled driver has to put on a break because the dogs continue sprinting. It's crazy to think about that because the dogs just got done running over 900 miles. Crazy.

We finally met the investigator in Chickaloon. He's a native. His family is Baptist but for some reason he believes he should start going to the LDS church. We taught the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as the Book of Mormon. It was the coolest thing to see his face light up when we told him that Jesus came to the Americas and visited the natives. His eyes got so big as we said those words. A lot of the natives up here have a lot of stories of a white man visiting their ancestors. Elder Bacon told me that a lot of natives grow up hearing these stories then come to read the B of M and are amazed it tells of similar things. It's pretty awesome. Unfortunately not a lot of them get baptized because of the WOW (Word of Wisdom) and other standards. But still neat.

Elder Bacons and mine apartment is slowly falling apart. We have no clue as to what to do. First of all our heater doesn't really work so we have a little office heater on max 24/7. Our microwave broke. Half the power outlets went out. The worse of all is that our fridge broke last night. We seriously have no clue on what going on.

The other day I downloaded over 200 mormon ad photos onto my ipad. I had to do it one by one but they are so money. That was definitely one of my happiest moments this week. Seeing those ads. 

Elder Ogden

Driving on Icy Roads

One of Bennett's favorite Mormon Ad's

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