October 31, 2016

Tracting in Chickaloon:

This week has been awesome. Elder Bacon and I have been spending a lot of time in Sutton and Chickaloon. We've been receiving some referrals from out there so it's been quite the experience trying to find those people. We have this referral who lives in chickaloon. Chickaloon is a very sketchy place. It's pretty much what you would expect to see when you think about Alaska. The police have put "This is a crime watch community" signs on every corner. In all reality it's not a crime watch community. The people that live there are definitely Alaskans. They live about an hour away from everything (meaning out in the woods). Even then they all live super far apart from each other. When we told the ward council that we're going up there, they all gave us a surprised look. One guy told us how he was just hunting up there and a man walked up, pointed a gun at him and demanded him to leave. 

We tried contacting this referral but none of the houses have addresses so we spent three hours asking all sorts of people if they knew who this man was. Of course only a few did. It was pretty scary because everyone has these signs that say "Shot on site". We saw a bunch of really cool stuff though. A pile of about 30 cars, all sorts of broken down homes, a teepee, and a random bridge. 

Elder Bacon has been driving me a little bit insane. He is totally different from Elder Agad. Edler Bacon has to know about every little thing i'm doing. Anytime Im doing anything, and i mean anything, he's there. Every time i go to the bathroom he follows me. He goes through all my stuff. Its so annoying. Other than that he's pretty cool to work with.

Elder Ogden

Photo from a member that sums up Alaska

Tough tracting
Random Teepee

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