March 6, 2017

Searching for Porcupines

This week has been fun. Elder Hawkins and I have been searching for Porcupine. We've been visiting a Native regularly as he is in Petersburg for medical complications. Judith is progressing slowly, very slowly but she still has the desire to learn so that's good.

Last P-day Elder Hawkins and I went driving out on some dirt roads looking for Porcupine. We've been talking to members about things to do and a few of them suggested we go Porcupine finding. They all say it's really easy to spot them. In the summertime apparently there's a bunch on the side of the roads. The other members tell us to stay far away from them or use a bunch of protective gear. 

Elder Hawkins and I have yet to see one but we're always on the look out. Hopefully the snow will melt soon so we find one.

There's a Native member from Juneau who is currently staying in Petersburg for medical services. I have no clue why they sent him here but it is what it is. He's super cool. We see him every other day since he doesn't know anyone here. He tells us his stories growing up. I've been learning a lot about the Natives in Alaska from him.

Judith has been learning a lot. We meet with her a every week. It's been very difficult recently. She's been forgetting past lessons because of her bad memory. It's hard for her to retain things but the good thing is that she remembers feeling the spirit when we stop by and she wants to continue to learn more and be baptised.

Have a good week

Elder Ogden


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