August 22, 2016


Monday. At a zone meeting we ate lunch at a members house. Really nice couple. They didn't have enough chairs so we mostly sat on buckets. They had a million bunnies, a parrot, big goldfish, and 20 picots. He also has an underground bunker. The thing is bigger than our apartment. We also went to a thrift store again. I got a helmet for my bike, sweet goggles, and a Jackie Chan poster. We also went to a horse ranch. They raise competitive horses. They had about 30 of the biggest and tallest horses I've ever seen.

Tuesday. We taught one of our progressing investigators with our ward mission leader. During the lesson the lady started crying. After the lesson he told me that's the easiest baptism I'll ever have on my mission. We have this other lady that just got baptized right before I came and whenever we teach her the new member lessons she's always drunk. One time she offered to say the closing prayer and stopped halfway through. Her somewhat sober husband came in and continued/closed the prayer. It was the weirdest thing. During the entire lesson he was quoting hymns. They were both wasted. It's sad to see it but the bishop said there's nothing else we can do.

Wednesday. We went to the temple. The temple here is crazy small but really awesome. You take off your shoes and coats at the entrance and there's heated tiles on the floor.

Thursday. Elder Agad and I gave a blessing to a less active member. He lives in a little house in the woods.

Friday. We helped a member move things around in his house. This man is really old but he's a legend. He seriously does and plays everything known to man. He lettered in three sports at BYU. He competes in the senior Olympics for skeet, pole vault, and shooting. He's got a million medals and trophies all over his house. We rode our bikes. It was pretty much just mountain biking because we stayed on a dirt trail the entire time. Later in the day we were visiting less active and one family had five puppies. These kids came out of nowhere and threw a dog on my lap. The dog pissed allover me. Seriously everywhere. I didn't even want to hold the stupid thing. And of course when we went to our next appointment their dog was shoving his face in between my legs. I was not happy.

Saturday. We taught the kid who just got baptized the beginning of the new member lessons. We showed the Because Of Him video. Half way through the video the kid started crying. And of course I got a bleary eyed because I couldn't believe that this kid was comprehending what the savior meant to him. When I was nine years old I barely new why Jesus was so important. I was so impressed with this kid because I could tell that he could tell that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love him. The best part is that once the video was over he looked over at us and said " I couldn't read the words". Once he said that I was just blown away. Just by watching the video and being able to read only a few words and still understand what the message was is just amazing. It was just really neat. He's an amazing kid with a really hard life.

Sunday. Once again we talked about cutting wood for a good chunk of time in our meetings.

Elder Ogden

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