August 8, 2016

Working on My Alaskan 40

Alaskan 40 mark- 5lbs down. 35lbs to go

Monday was chill. I showed everyone in my zone scatterball. My
companion has really gotten into it. Instead of working out, he throws
the ball at the wall everyday. We all went to a thrift store. It was
so money. I wanted to buy everything I saw. It was 20x better than a
DI. I wanted to buy all the jackets there. I did buy some sick
sunglasses though.

Tuesday. Elder Agad showed me Hatcher Pass. It was so neat touching
snow in August. And we didn't even make it far up the mountain. There
was quite a bit of it too. It's so cool up there and the best part is
that its in our area. There's this little village at the top. We also
got a referral for a couple. We taught them the first lesson and they
both accepted to be baptized. So so awesome.

Wednesday was crazy cool. Elder Agad and I went to go visit less
actives and we came across this crazy hippie. We just wanted to say hi
and share a quick lesson but he went on for 30 minutes about his
beliefs on religion. After that he talked to us for another 45 minutes
about his life. He was getting way to into it when talking to us. He
was shaking his hands, walking around, kicking plants while talking to
us. He's probably 65. He's all organic. He runs with his fat little
dog that apparently runs with him when he skis. He started a company
called One Earth World Peace. He's building a van/tank thing to drive
down to the lower 48. He gave us a sticker though. We also got another
investigator. We taught her the first lesson and she also accepted to
be baptized. Crazy that three people already are on date for baptism.

Thursday. Elder Agad thinks I'm obsessed with mountains. Some member
saw us at Costco and paid for $100 dollars worth of food and stuff.
What's even more crazy is she said she does this a lot and
missionaries usually spend more. We also started eating very little at
breakfast and lunch and plan on eating a lot at the members houses.
We're trying to save money because we get so little.

Friday. For music we've been listening Brandon Heath a lot. He's
actually pretty good. Elder Agad taught me how to make a skinny tie.
All the elders give him ties requesting him to make them skinny so I
asked if he could teach me. It took over an hour for one tie. You
pretty much take every thing apart, trim it, iron it, put it together,
iron it, then lace it back up.

Saturday was my first click day. I've come to realize everyone here
has a dog. And all the dogs are massive. They're so scary sometimes.

Sunday was Sunday.

This morning we woke up at 4am and went fishing.

Anyways it's all good and better than good.

Elder Ogden

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