August 29, 2016

1 Month Down:

I'm really busy rn so this weeks letter is going to be short.

I got to spend Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with Elder Pace. He is
one of the Zone Leaders. He's one of the Elders I took a photo with in
front of the temple. He's such a funny guy. He's just awesome and
really cool. While on exchanges with him this really awkward Elder
told the Sisters that all the Elders in the Zone hated them. He did
this multiple times. It was the weirdest thing ever. He did it while

we were away so we didn't find out till later. Apparently it was dead
quite and so he thought it would be a good idea to make that stupid
comment. The next day while doing service we broke the back of a truck
window. Shiz just happens. It wasn't my fault though.

I gave myself a haircut. It turned out to be alright. I had to have
Elder Agad fix some things but it's the best I could do.

Elder Agad and I went up to Hatchers Pass with Elder Leland and Elder
Beazer. We saw some people up there hang gliding.

We visited this man named Tim. He's not LDS but loves having the
missionaries over. He's a huge fan of American history and guns. He
seriously knew everything about American history. He collects guns.
I'm not joking. Every foot in his house was covered with guns. I asked
him how many he had and he said "more than 10 and less than 300". No
joke I saw at least 200 guns. I'm really not exaggerating. It was
absolutely crazy. He spent 45 mins just showing us a few guns and
talking about its history. 

Elder Ogden

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