September 20, 2016

Apparently Moose is high in Calories:

Alaskan 40 mark- 10lbs down 30lbs to go

Elder Agad and I have been eating a lot of Moose for dinner. It's the hunting season so everyone's been feeding us Moose. Yesterday the Bishop, the First Counselor, and a quarter of the ward was gone hunting. The members have also been giving us a lot of fish. We have about ten fillets in our fridge. So we eat salmon and rice everyday for lunch. Last P-day the Elders in the Zone hiked part of Lazy Mountain. We only made it about three miles. The Elders in this zone are really out of shape. I felt sorry for some of them.

We visited that crazy member again, the guy that thought I was his son. He said it would most likely be the last time we saw him because he was leaving for Washington. Apparently he's been in a lawsuit over his house with these crazy Mexicans so instead of going to court he decided to run away. He built a massive van and is having it shipped to Washington but he can't drive it. He's had his license revoked for the past six years. The only state he's able to drive in is Colorado so that's where he's heading. He doesn't know how he's getting there but he's going to do it. He gave us shirts and showed us this trick his dog does. She sits up like a penguin. The dog does it all the time just a casual position for resting.

I had my first Zone Conference with the Wasilla Zone and Chugach Zone. It was crazy long but fun seeing the other missionaries. The departing missionaries gave their testimonies. It was odd hearing some of the Elders testimonies. You could definitely tell a difference between those that actually served a mission and those that didn't try. Some of them needed to extend their mission for another six months. But the ones that were actual missionaries had amazing testimonies.

Two of our investigators are still progressing so that's all good. Its amazing to see them change. At first it was so hard to get this certain one to pray at the end of the lessons. We been having her pray a lot. It's amazing to see how she went from not knowing how to pray to saying some of the most sincere and heart felt prayers I've ever heard. You can tell that the gospel is truly changing their lives. There's this older couple in the ward that everyone knows. They are Brother and Sister Obergs but everyone calls them Grandma and Grandpa. They feed us so much. They are such amazing people. They are so old but they are always outside working and giving service to others. I have no clue how their age hasn't caught up with them. They grow all their food in a little garden. They are absolutely amazing. They actually are going to be leaving on a trip for the next month and a half so we took a photo with them.

 Love Elder Ogden


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