September 13, 2016

Go, Go, Go Joseph:

This week has been fun. Once again we visited an interesting less active member. She and her husband are both less active but they're super nice people. They have 60 chickens roaming around in their backyard. It's pretty much their second job they said. They gave us a dozen eggs, so that was really nice.

While visiting some members a little dog came running at me and Edler Agad. I jumped out of the way but Elder Agad didn't see it. The dog ran straight towards him and bit his right ankle. So that was funny. Elder Agad said if the owner wasn't watching he would have stabbed it. Lol

We ran into that guy that gave us those world peace stickers again. He is absolutely insane. It's not ok. He talked to us for an hour and a half about the fall of Adam and Eve. Also he told us a little more in depth about his life. He thought for a second that I was his son. Yeah crazy. He said after our first visit he was thinking about an affair he had with this lady in Anchorage. Apparently she was planning on naming their son a name like Obren. So he thought the Lord sent me to come find my dad.  I assured him I wasn't his son. He said every time I speak it's like I'm reading his mind. Lol.  He said he wanted to visit more often though and start coming back to church so that's all good. He also might give us a free world peace shirt.

We've been listening to Elder Agad's music a lot. He's gathered a bunch of stuff from past Elders. He was scrolling through a playlist and the soundtrack for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat came on. I was so freakin pumped. He has never seen the movie before but I've been making him listen to the soundtrack while I'm trying to describe what's going on. The soundtrack is so freakin sick. I forgot how good the songs were. I've been listening to it in the shower every day.

I had my first real baptism.  Meaning I taught them from the first lesson till the end.  The Millers finally got baptized. They also had a baby blessing for their daughter. It was incredibly spiritual. They had family come up from Utah to preform the ordnance and give the baby blessing. They both are such incredible people. I don't think I'll find more Christlike investigators.

Elder Ogden

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