September 26, 2016

Let it Snow:

I went on exchanges with Elder Belmonte for a day. He's also Philippino. He's so freakin funny. He's one of those people that doesn't try to be funny but everything they do is hilarious. We had trainer/trainee meeting. It was so fun. They seriously are the best. I love seeing everyone I came out with and the other friends I've made. Elder Paulson arrived into the mission. So freakin fun catching up with him. I still can't believe we got called to the same mission.

It's been snowing up in the mountains. The Cottonwood Elders joined Elder Agad and I in a trip up to Hatchers Pass. It made me really homesick seeing snow. I want to go skiing so bad. The truck couldn't even make it all the way up. We had to so some hiking. I chose to run out in the snow off a trial. I got to a sweet point but no one was willing to follow me so I had to take a selfie. The Elders are pretty wimpy when it comes to playing in the snow. The craziest thing is that we saw a guy drive his motorcycle all the way to where we had made it. He was trying to look really cool and pass this car but totally slid out in the snow. We had to help him up and get back on his bike. We also found an abandoned truck that crashed into a ditch. That was neat.

Jessica got baptized the other day. She had a great turnout from her family even though she doesn't have any relatives that are LDS. It was amazing to hear her testimony. She started investigating the church a year ago. She said she started out by looking for any reason to say no or prove the missionaries wrong but ended up getting baptized. Her husband really isn't interested but we got him to come to the confirmation and attend the rest of church services. He wants to get baptized he just doesn't know it yet. I'm really confident he'll want to start taking the lessons.

Elder Ogden


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