October 17, 2016

Balut Eggs:

This week has been good. It was really laid back since it's week six. We got our transfer calls on Friday. Elder Agad is going to go ZL in Soldotna. I'm staying of course and getting Elder Bacon as a greenie breaker. I'm really excited to get someone new but I here he's really strict which is a polar opposite of Elder Agad.

It's been absolutely freezing here. The actual temp isn't bad at all but the wind is a killer. It's been blowing like crazy and everyone keeps telling me this is nothing compared to what they've had before. Last night our power went out. We woke up to a bunch of roof pieces in the bed of our truck. There's also been a huge wildfire and the wind's been blowing it everywhere.

On Friday we had a lesson with a Filipino family. They had Balut (bird embryo) so we invited all the Elders in the zone. We all tried it. I was able to finish mine. It was so disgusting though. After my first bite I could see the ducks head. Hugh. Elder Agad said it was nothing for him because he usually eats it when the duck is more developed.

On the way home we got stopped at an intersection. The guy next to us was spinning his wheels making smoke clouds. Elder Agad and I looked at each other like who the heck is trying to race the missionaries. Well to our surprise it was the Stake President. The light went green and we just booked it.  I don't know how far or how fast we got but it was fetching hilarious.  Anyway not a lot happened other than that.

Elder Ogden

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