January 31, 2017

Like Mother, Not like Son:

This week has been awesome. We had a few lesson with Judith. We tried to meet her son. We had a world wide missionary broadcast. Other than that not a whole lot has happened.

We've continued meeting with Judith. It's always the highlight of the week meeting with her. She's taking all the lessons very well. We just keep it at a very simple and basic level with her. She asked us to try to teach her son. When describing him she said he was this huge man, always drinking vodka, rough looking. Apparently when grown men see him they cross the street to avoid him. Well, Elder Dunn and I wanted to see if there was any way we could help him. We stopped by his house at the beginning of the week. Right away he saw who were and immediately closed the door. But the interesting thing was that he didn't match her description. Yeah he was rough looking and smelt like liquor but other than that he wasn't too intimidating.

We stopped by her son's house again near the end of the week. This time he opened the door and we gave our introduction. The difference was that we now know why she's scared of him. Let's just say he used a lot of colorful words telling us to leave. Followed with a slammed door in our face. It was definitely an eye opener.

We had a world wide mission broadcast. We were able to hear from Edler Oaks and Bednar as well as other church leaders. It was really cool seeing them give trainings and announce the new mission schedule as well as new key indicators. Key indicators are the things we report to our leaders who then report to our mission pres. The new ones pretty much primarily focus on the investigators instead of working with members and less active member visits.

That's pretty much it. Nothing too exciting this week. Hope you'll have an awesome week. Love and miss ya.

 Elder Ogden

Bennett and Elder Dunn hanging out at the
            fishing wharf in Petersburg!

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