January 9, 2017

New Area: Petersburg and Wrangell

This week has been amazing. Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes. It was an amazing day. Dawn was baptized and confirmed a member. Our missionary schedule has changed. We got transfer calls!

On Saturday Dawn was baptized. It was the most amazing thing ever. So many people were there to witness her baptism but not everyone could view it. The entire baptismal font room was filled. There were even people standing in the hall just to hear the ordinance. It truly was my best birthday. Dawn was then confirmed a member and received the gift of the Holy Ghost the following day. On Sunday we got to eat dinner with Dawn and her family, the Willardson's, and the Christensen's. The Willardson's were so kind to have us all over. It was in celebration of Dawn, her baptism, and her birthday since it was on the 8th. The entire thing was to die for. Food was fantastic. The Willardson's and Christensen's are the best for helping Dawn and her family be comfortable with this big transition in there lives. Now Dawn's family is considering learning more about the church and investigating.

We received a major switch up in our schedule as missionaries. I believe it is world wide. We used to have a set and rigid structure for our morning and evening schedules. Now we are told the fundamental objectives or things we need to accomplish and are allowed to do things the way we like, tailored to our own needs. We've only been doing it for a couple of days now, but it has been awesome. It definitely helps me get out of bed were as before I was too tired to workout right away. 

Now for the really exciting stuff. Transfer calls! We got them early Saturday morning. I found out I will unfortunately be leaving Fishhook after a short six months. It has been amazing serving there but it's time to move on. I will now be serving with Elder Dunn on Petersburg Island! So cool. We cover Petersburg and Wrangell. I flew down this morning and it has been absolutely gorgeous.

 Love and miss you all

 Elder Ogden

Bennett didn't include any photos in his email, so I added some of his new area where he will be serving:

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