January 2, 2017

"Thank you, you came here":

This week was really fun and amazing. We visited a graveyard where apparently the graves randomly catch on fire. I played squash ball for the first time. Elder Hoyer and I have been really trying to do street contacting and it actually worked out amazingly. Dawn, an investigator, is getting baptized this coming week.

Last P-day Elder Hoyer and I went to see a graveyard with some other elders. It was pretty interesting. Apparently the graves catch on fire randomly and that's what makes them famous. The sign in front is pretty neat. It says "Chin'an, Gu Ninyu" which stands for "thank you, you came here." We also went and played squash ball with the rest of our zone. There's a member in our stake that has their own court and was kind enough to let us come over. It was really weird playing squash for the first time. I thought it would be a lot like racquetball but it's not. The ball doesn't bounce nearly as much. It's a lot harder to play than it looks.

We've been trying to do a lot of street contacting this past week. It's been really hard. Especially since there's no place in our area where we can simply walk around and talk to people so we often times just try in downtown Palmer. Even then it's hard finding people just walking around because it's cold and everyone drives everywhere. But the other day we found THE ONE. We we're walking around and saw a man standing by himself smoking a cigarette in front of a bar. Well the first thought we had was he's probably not interested considering the situation but we immediately realized we needed to talk to him. We crossed the street and began introducing ourselves. In doing so he threw his cigarette on the ground and had a desire to hear what we had to say. We said a prayer with him as well as taught him the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ in addition to giving him a Book Of Mormon telling him a little about it. It was amazing talking to him because he was literally one of the few if not the only person outside at that very moment in our site. What was even more amazing is that he actually had a desire to clean up his life. He wanted to change his life and make it inline with what God would want. Elder Hoyer and I are were thrilled to teach him as we have been praying for more people to teach. Unfortunately he'll only be in town for one more week as he heads back to Kotzebue once he finishes his classes down here. Hopefully he finds the missionaries up there.

Dawn's baptism is coming up this next week. This is very exciting especially since it's something we all have been looking forward to for four months now. It should be an amazing experience. It will be the day before her birthday and the day of my birthday. I can't wait to see her become a member. We've been teaching her for close to five months now.

Chin'an, Gu Ninyu

Elder Ogden


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