April 10, 2017

Does Rosetta Stone have Samoan?

Talofa!  I made it to Anchorage safe and sound on Wednesday. Anchorage is definitely not the same as Petersburg. I have enjoyed the Dimond Ward so far. It was sad saying goodbyes before I left Petersburg. Elder Vaioa, my companion, has been teaching me Samoan.

It was sad saying goodbye to the people in Petersburg. They seriously were awesome people. Hopefully one day I'll be able to come visit them. I was able to take some photos with some families, the Norwegian captain, and also the downtown totem poles.

On Wednesday I flew from Petersburg to Anchorage. Landing in Anchorage was a big culture shock. I'm not talking about the Samoan culture but just the city in general. Everything seemed so big and fast paced. The streets we're so confusing at first and they still kinda are with the whole one way thing. You see a lot more interesting people in the streets of Anchorage compared to Petersburg. Just the other night Elder Vaioa and I woke up to man knocking on our door around 12:30am. This random guy somehow got in the building and was knocking on everyone's door looking for his cousin who looks like Snoop Dog. Unfortunately we have never seen his cousin.

The Dimond Ward seems to be awesome. Even though I don't understand a single word they say they are all super nice people. There is a lot more work here being that we cover all of the south Anchorage zone and half of the North Anchorage zone. It's cool seeing how many Polynesians there are in Anchorage. There is seriously thousands of them.

It has been super confusing doing missionary work here. It's so hard not knowing what's going on, what's being said, and what to expect. The past few days have been a blur. All our lessons are in Samoan. All the dinners and talking are in Samoan. All of church is in Samoan. I just feel bad for my companion because all I can do is testify to whatever he says and even that's in Samoan. It's definitely a weird feeling but I'm doing my best to learn the language. My companion has been awesome in helping me learn some words.

Love and miss you all. As of rn my goal is to gain 5lbs this week. Wish me luck.

Elder Ogden


    Investigator: Judith Bailey

New Companion: Elder Vaioa

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