April 17, 2017

Samoan Cooking = 5 lbs.


I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter. This week has been fun and of course in Samoan so very confusing. I gained 5 lbs. Elder Vaioa and I have been keeping busy with lessons.

Thanks to the wonderful members of the Dimond Ward I have gained 5lbs this past week. The dinners have been so big. I've come to realize that no one loves food more than Samoans and they know how to cook. I hope I don't continue to gain 5lbs each week. I'll have to try to eat smaller portions.

This week has felt so busy compared to Petersburg. I feel as though I've taught as many lessons this past week as I did in a month in Petersburg. It has been awesome teaching and visiting people this past week. We've been finishing the lessons with these two young men who will be getting baptized in a week. We also have been teaching these two young girls who blow me away everytime we meet with them. They take everything we teach them and just run with it. They seriously eat up the gospel. It's amazing seeing them grow in knowledge and understanding.

We also visited a referral. She was interested in learning about the church for her children because she has some family and friends who are members. Since it was our first visit with her we briefly introduced her to the Book of Mormon. About half way through the lesson we heard knocking at the door. The first couple times we just ignored it but the people kept persisting. Well, we eventually opened the door. To our surprise it was the other Samoan speaking missionaries. It was super awkward as we were all just looking at each other with confused looks. The other Elders left after they realized we were in a lesson. We apologized to her and then closed the lesson. Hopefully we have another lesson this week.

The language has been very difficult. I'm still super confused as to what to do all the time. But I'm trying my best to learn. Have a great week.

 Elder Ogden

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