April 24, 2017

"Where's the Samoans?"

This week has been really fun. Elder Vaioa and I have been doing a lot of street contacting. We had a joint zone service. Two investigators were baptized.

This week has been a little slower than last but we've been filling the time with street contacting. It's hard trying to find Samoans to teach. It's not like they all live in the same neighborhood we can go tract. So Elder Vaioa and I have been on the look out checking parks. We're hoping to find a place where a lot of Somaons go to hangout. It's been hard finding Samoans to teach but on the bright side we have been talking to Caucasians. We had this one super elect man just walk right up to us and started asking questions. It felt so good to have a full English lesson with him and not worry about understanding Samoan. Idk where the guy is now but he did accept a Book of Mormon and was really enthusiastic about learning more.

A few days ago the South and North Anchorage Zones got together to help with a heart run event. It was so fun helping set up the race with all the other missionaries. I was able to talk to some missionaries who served up in Palmer with me a few months ago. Two of our investigators were baptized this week. Andrew and Mathew are now the newest members of the Dimond ward. It was fun being able to come into the area and see them get baptized.

I hope all is well and everyone has a fantastic week.

Elder Ogden


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